Sei glücklich und genieße das Leben

Mission Possible - trust in you

feel yourself in nature's flow

Do you want to develop self-respect as well as positive thoughts? 

Feel relaxed and enjoy life?

Do you live a life which isn't actually yours?



No trust in yourself

Feeling exhausted and dependent

Once we can actually live our values, everything feels right. We often aim high to impress other but forget to be happy and free of conversations along the way. It will take a lot of courage and strength but it will be so worthwhile.

Carina Jatzwauk

Are you upright to yourself?

Yes, you’ ve read correctly. I think it is extremely important to be upright to yourself.

If I asked you spontaniously, what you would need in that very moment, could you give me an answer? Do you regularly take your time to think about your needs?


Refinding your inner self as well as understanding your wishes and goals so you can find the best way for you to live a life full of joy.


Concentrating on your strengths and a life of personal, vocational, mental and energetic freedom.


Live your values and your potentials. A life you realize based on your vision.


Find your vocational satisfaction and find yourself in your own vision. 


Free yourself of dependencies. Discover in which realms you are not living your free life. With your partner? Your job, an addiction or the shortage of money?


Allow yourself to be happy and to feel at ease.

Redhead girl in red dress at wheat field

Someone, who really knows their talents can easily find a Job which suits them and is fun to do.

Ask yourself who you truly are, what you want and what you know. You will see that these answers don’t always match. Together we will find your talents and make those to your profession so you can enjoy your work-life. We will do a strength-analysis for your personal growth. Through an analysis of your current situation we will develop a roadmap with a timeline and systematic support. This way you will achieve a successfull mindset for luckiness and success.

My Coaching and  Method

Be happy and enjoy your life

Learn more of how to build up confidence and self-consciousness. Discover new perspectives and new ways of living for yourself to be more successfull in your personal and more vocational life. Get to know your new, unique energy of life with me. 

Through diverse strategies and handy chains of thoughts you will rapidly get to know yourself better. You will grow a positive mindset and strengthen your confidence. You will also gain a more confident appearance and reach your goals faster.

Feel the raindrops on your skin and feel yourself. Feel the wind on your face and feel yourself. Enjoy the rays of sunshine in your heart and enjoy yourself. Rearrange your stars.

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What you will expect?








Private Coaching

Positive mindset Free of self-blames Changing behaviors Recognizing and promoting strengths


Career Coaching

Independence Defining goals Support of development Vocational planning steb-by-step


Leadership coaching

Concision in decisions Discovering potentials Resolving conflict Emotional reasoning

About me

Carina Jatzwauk

In more than 20 years of my working life, I early on I had to learn to fend for myself. 

Not only did I master daily challenges as getting my A-levels but I also took care of my horse, Tiger. This way, I have learned that the way of success is empathy.

This also shows in the course of my career. After finishing my apprenticeship as office administrator, I discovered early that I wanted more. I knew there was more to life. That’s when I started distance learning in business administration next to my leading position. And of course my most favorite job as mother of my two, now “grown-up” girls. 

Today I want to show you your strengths and how to develop those even further. 

Not only do I want to have a friendly communication but I also want to be a good mentor. I want to be a good listener and your friend, who supports you on your way of achieving mental and emotional independence. 



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