Sei glücklich und genieße das Leben

My Coaching offers

Personal derivative

The one you learns to estimate oneself, discovers their own potential and develops it further is he one who will achieve their goals.

Broaden your personal horizons while having fun. Aim for change and make it a habit. Get out of the comfort zone and benefit from it.



Free in the nature

Personal development

... doesn't just happen. It takes place through various forms of learning in the professional world as well as in the world of life. You learn the most from your emotions. Tired of learning from misfortunes? You are exactly right with me. With me you create good emotions in line with your goals in order to live a life in your personal fullness and freedom. My focus in our cooperation is entirely on you and your personal development towards a life of freedom. In addition to this cooperation, there is the interplay of nature in harmony with yourself. We use the possibilities of nature almost magically to come into harmony with yourself and your soul. As a result, endless positive energy flows to implement your wishes and goals.

future orientated and flexible

You are lived and can't find yourself anymore? Do others determine your actions and actions? You feel limited and realize that you are stuck in the hamster wheel of your own thoughts to please others? Foreign determination was once. Today you don't just want to do 'your duty', but live out your actions, your thoughts and your feelings in a self-determined manner. I will show you ways to recognize your own values again and to live according to them.
Integration to another culture. Get familiar with other behaviours and priorities.


'I do my duty and I am praised and rewarded for it'. Do you stay motivated in this way and can you motivate in the long run? No, and I contend that this has not worked in the past. But what changes you and your employees in order to work profitably for your department and the company and still have fun at the same time? Handing over responsibility and letting people feel empowered. I will show you ways to build trust and create a positive environment, focus on results and nurture strengths.
Stay motivated and motivate in different ways.

Feel yourself in nature's flow

Professional development

I will not only help you with the development of your subordinates, I will also analyze your potential and accompany you in the further development of your own skills and in finding inner peace and balance.
Happy businesswoman are relax with nature, concept of succeed in business

Find your potential and develop your personality

Live in your mental, private, professional and emotional freedom. Find yourself anew and live self-determined in action. Create your positive thoughts with my support and energetic feelings follow. Get out of the comfort zone and redefine your potential. (Again) Enjoying life and enjoying every day.

career development

Experience personal responsibility in agile working life. Live your job and make it your dream job. There are different ways to express yourself freely. Change yourself or / and your settings. Develop strategies that suit you to find and walk your way. Experience career growth and invest in your own progress.

Successful in Personal management

Success for the company through joy in working together. Create trust, learn how to conduct appraisal interviews, develop leadership skills in a sustainable and future-oriented manner, individually and strategically. How does leadership succeed under completely new challenges of this time, digital, redefined and well positioned? Successful also in the future.

Partnership consultation

There are three pillars in life that all have the strongest energy effect: your (private) life, your job(s) and your partnership. Touching communication at eye level, loving and respectful relationship. Two personalities with their own wishes and needs, solving blockages and finding joy and lightness in each other and in themselves. Rediscovering our own worth and that of others. Regardless of whether you are already stuck in your crisis or want to further strengthen your mutual trust - we work on your attitude, your intuitions, your emotions and trusting communication; SIMPLY BE HAPPY with lots of LOVE.
Maintain the happiness and harmony in your relationship and find a few suggestions.

Solutions to give your partnership new impetus.

Relationship crisis and find the way together again.

Tackling the daily challenges of a partnership together again and rediscovering or strengthening shared happiness.

Whether in individual appointments or together - proactively tackle the topics and challenges - LOVE and HAPINESS in combination.



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